New Technology

Advanced Functions and Sophisticated Operability

Designed for Energy-Conservation

Handpiece with LED Light

Newly Designed Handpiece

Streamline shape helps easier access to surgical site.

Angle of handpiece is 17°, reduced from 21°(compared with that of IMPLANTOR Neo Bright), which facilitates access to molars. The height of head is 13.5mm, reduced from 14.7mm to make it compact. Material of body is biocompatible titanium finished with scratch-free Dura Coat (super-durable thin-layer coat) on the surface.


32,000-lux LED light is equipped to cast natural light into oral surgical area.The surface of LED light is made flat for ease of cleaning.


# Comparison of LED and Halogen Lights


The tip of irrigation nozzle is in the handpiece body, which enables irrigation closer to the drill. Typical spray works to clean, lubricate, and remove residue of saline water. Drills that allows internal coolant flow?is also compatible.


Accuracy of Torque

IMPLANTOR Neo Black minimizes variability of set value and actual value of torque,and has excellent control of torque especially at low-speed area.

High-Performance Micro Motor

One standard handpiece works for every need in implant surgery including drilling

Drilling Implant Hole

Rotation speed is adjustable so that appropriate speed is output depending on the bone quality

Insertion of Fixture

All of the implant system that requires power tool can be inserted.

Attachment/Detachment of Caps

Caps can be attached/detached, and abutment screw can be inserted/removed.


One-Push Locking Feature

Just one light push is necessary to replace bur. Attachment/detachment is much easier compared to IMPLANTOR Neo Bright.

Calibration Feature

Automatic calibration is available to adjust torque and rotation speed that may be affected by various factors including worn gears,material and quantity of lubricant.

Large Operation Panel

Operation Panel

Functional and Usable Design
  1. Program#
  2. Speed Adjustment
  3. Torque Adjustment
  4. Memory : To memorize the program
  5. Direction : (Forward/Reverse)
  6. Coolant Flow
  7. Gear Ratio
  8. System : For automatic calibration
  9. Calibration Load : For automatic calibration

Easy to Read, Easy to Understand


* Upper figure shows actual torque value when in use or set value when not in use. Lower figure always shows set value.
Set value can be checked at a glance even during surgery. Actual rotation speed is shown,and actual torque can be checked by bar graph. Setting up a program is simple, and changing is easy.
  1. Program#
  2. Direction
  3. Speed/Torque*
  4. Coolant Flow
  5. Gear Ratio
  6. Bar Graph of Actual Speed/Torque

Improved Multifunctional Foot Control

Foot Control

New foot control features operability with user-friendly arrangement of buttons and longer power cord (3.5m) for smooth and stress-free surgery.

Easy and Simple


Up to eight combinations of rotation speed, torque, direction and coolant low can be set.